Zope tool to diagnose disk space usage.

Zope undo tool

A tool to simplify undo in Zope.

Plone migration scripts

Plone migration scripts are used to migrate old content to newer Plone (core) versions.

Tuple Text Widget

Tuple Text Widget, a lines-like widget for Five/Zope3.

Media File System

The Media File System is a simple product that provides a Zope interface to a HTTP media streaming folder. It's based on (and requires) the LocalFS product.


The Googolizer is a simple product that retrieves AdSense statistics from Google and stores them in an HTML file.

Boring package (Zope 3)

The boring product is a simple Zope product meant to illustrate how Zope products can be developed.

WSSE Authentication

The WSSE Authentication product is a simple product that enables support for secure authentication without SSL.

Search Utilities

Search Utilities is a set of scripts that enables users to easily work with the results of ZCatalog results.


SimpleChat is a tool for simple user-to-user chatting.

No warranties are given for these products. Always remember to backup!

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